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Mopar Parts in Fairfax

The quality and fit of the replacement parts used for repairs and maintenance directly impact your car’s ongoing condition. Through our dealership’s parts department, you can conveniently find all of the OEM replacement parts that you may need today and in the years ahead. These are high-grade parts that are specifically manufactured for use in your model and trim. Our Mopar parts include everything from brakes, headlights, and bumpers to engine components, drivetrain parts, and more.

Benefits of Mopar Parts vs. Aftermarket Parts


As you search for parts for your next auto project, you can find a wide range of aftermarket parts that are seemingly identical to Mopar parts. Nobody wants to pay more than they need to for any products. However, the quality of the auto parts used to affect your car’s efficiency, value, and safe operation. OEM parts are perfect matches to the original parts that were installed in your vehicle. They have proven quality and are essential for restoring your vehicle to its former condition.

Warranty & Support

When aftermarket parts are installed in your vehicle, parts of your manufacturer’s warranty may be nullified. Also, many aftermarket parts are not sold with a warranty of their own. With Mopar replacement parts, your vehicle’s original warranty is protected.

Proper Fit & Ease of Replacement

Because aftermarket parts are designed for a universal fit in various makes and models, they often do not have a perfect fit. They may take longer to install, and their longevity and performance may be diminished. OEM parts, on the other hand, fit perfectly in your vehicle. They are easy to install and will correctly do their intended job.

For all of your needs for replacement parts, stop by our dealership’s parts department today.