What To Do When The Tire Pressure Light Comes On...


If the tire-pressure warning light comes on in your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep or Ram vehicle while you're driving through the Fairfax, Arlington or Metropolitan Washington DC area, do not ignore it. You could be getting a flat or there may be a nail or small hole in the tire. Low tire pressure could result from a leak or simply from the tendency of a tire to lose some air pressure over a duration of time. Low tire pressure may also occur when there is a sudden 10 to 20 degree drop in temperature outside. Falling temperatures can trigger the system because tire pressure declines with the thermometer.

The tire-pressure warning light is located in the gauge cluster of your vehicle's dashboard. Amber in color, this telltale indicator illuminates to inform you of low air pressure in one or more tires on your vehicle, when it is detected by the vehicle's TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system). The TPMS light briefly lights up with all of your vehicle's other warning lights, whenever you start the engine. The indicator lights will normally go out once the engine has been running for a few seconds.

 What To Do When The Tire Pressure Light Comes On:

• If you're driving, pull over to the side of the road and manually check the pressure of the tire or tires in question with a tire gauge and add air until the pressure reaches the manufacturer vehicle specification.

• Inspect the tire or tires in question for nails or small holes.

• Listen for a hissing sound that may indicate there is a hole or nail in the tire. The punctured tire may still be repairable.

• If the tire is totally flat and will not inflate, you will need to change the tire if you have a spare or call roadside assistance.

• Fluctuating temperatures may cause the TPMS to go off. In such cases, check each tire with the tire gauge and add air if needed.

Newer model Jeep, Ram, Dodge and Chrysler vehicles feature more sophisticated tire-pressure monitoring systems, which will actually tell you the specific tire or tires out of range and also displays the real-time air pressure of each tire.

Having the correct amount of air in your tires provides numerous benefits while you're on the road. Proper tire inflation is essential to vehicle handling, overall tire performance,and load carrying capability. Properly inflated tires reduce tread movement, decreased rolling resistance, and increase water dispersion. Reduced tread movement gives the tire a longer tread life. Decreased rolling resistance results in increased fuel efficiency. Increased water dispersion reduces the possibility of hydroplaning. 

Farrish of Fairfax Recommends Nitrogen for Your Tires...
Filling your car's tires with nitrogen will reduce air loss, since the loss of tire pressure is lower in a nitrogen filled tire. The Nitrogen gas in a tire escapes more slowly than in an oxygen filled one. Nitrogen filled tires also boost fuel economy, reduce rolling resistance, and improve safety on the road. Your tires will also last longer with nitrogen. Farrish of Fairfax offers Nitrogen Tire service for $59.95. The service includes free refills and road hazard for the life of the tires. Note: In the case of an emergency air can be mixed with the Nitrogen. 


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